Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Sad

Today I'm happy sad. I'm happy I sold a pup. I'm sad I sold Tank/Rocky. You see, this person had expressed an interest in him BEFORE I decided I wanted him. And ethically I just couldn't justify keeping him. I think - THINK - it'll be a good home. It's a knowledgeable owner, ranch home, with kids to play with.

My reasoning in keeping him is I kinda sorta wanted to see what type of a trial dog he'd make. He's so tuned into people and so quick to learn that I hoped he might be able to become a superstar. And who knows - maybe he still will be.

Either way I will ask that if he runs into trouble, can't keep the dog or the dog just isn't working for him to let me know and I WILL buy him back.

Tough for me to say goodbye though...

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The Canadian said...

You are a smart business woman, Andrea. I respect your goals! Be strong!