Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vet Check

Whiskey had her 15 day vet check on Saturday.  When you breed a mare it's a good idea to have your vet ultrasound at 15 days (from last breeding) to check to make sure everything is alright.  Unfortunately everything was not all right.  Whiskey had twins - which are not good for horses to carry.  Sam tried to "pinch" one off but couldn't get them to separate.

This morning Sam was back to check to see how the fetus was doing, to double check there was only one in there.  This morning it was gone.  Fully and completely.  What Sam thinks happened is when we vet checked on Saturday Whiskey's body had already recognized that something wasn't right and had begun the process of absorbing or tossing it out.  

What this means is that my once pregnant mare is no longer pregnant.  I will once again be hauling her to the stallion's to try again for a healthy and viable pregnancy.  The good news is we know that Whiskey will catch when bred.  The bad news is that she seems to like to make twins.

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