Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Horse Lust

I have a serious case of horse lust.  I'm trying to be strong and regularly tell myself to be practical.  But it's really hard!  I desperately want to have some of Yeller's relatives.  Yes, Whiskey will have a baby that's related to Yeller but it's not the same.  I would love to have his half sister, even though she hasn't been handled much, and is not really suitable for an acerage operation.  I would also love to have one of the yearlings.  Yes, even though I already have a yearling.  And it would be time and money consuming to have two same aged babies to get started.  Yes, I know I should be learning from the Buddy debacle and look at aged trained horses.  

But I don't want too!  I've decided based on my years of horses that Buddy is not a reliable indicator of the young horse experience.  I'll keep telling myself to walk away.  We'll see how well my resolve lasts through the summer.

In the pictures:  (yes - sorry once again - they're not the best) the light gray filly is the one I like.  The dark grey filly in the group shot is a granddaughter of Fitz and the sorrel is Fitz (who's due to foal).

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