Sunday, June 21, 2009

Help Me Understand!

So a number of weeks ago I had received a response to one of my ads for Buddy (the horse from hell). At that time (when I thought the bucking would stop) I had him priced out at $2500. The lady wanted pictures from all four sides (why she wanted 2 side profiles I'm not sure as each side looks the same), which I happily emailed her. Next she wanted an in depth explanation of what he could do, how he moves, how he looks at cows, any marks or scars, etc. A bit more sceptical, I once again complied.

Next she wants to know how low I'm willing to sell him. So I told her $2000 as this is basically how much money I have in him not including standard feed, vet and farrier expenses. And then this lady fell off the edge of the earth.

As time passed and I realized his bucking issues were not improving I emailed her back asking if she was still interested, told her he needed to go ASAP, that he had started bucking and if he didn't sell I was going to run him through the auction. Her response was to ask what I was willing to take for him now. I said $1000.

The latest email asked for another set of pictures and she wanted to know if he moved straight or if he paddles. Paddles??? Seriously??? The lady tells me she is looking for a ranch horse. Ranch horse! Does it matter how he moves if he can do the job? The horse is conformationally correct and shouldn't break down if he's taken care of.

The other thing that baffles me is she is super cheap, (Come on if $2000 was out of her price range - what does she seriously think she's going to get?) at $1000 for a registered, very well bred horse she's getting a steal. The price reflects his bucking issue. Which she incidentally hasn't asked anything about. (I sure would be!) I find the whole situation weird and had initially put her off as a tire kicker. The things she asks make her look like she's looking for the next AQHA Halter superstar, not a ranch horse. I really don't understand where she's coming from.

Another thing is she stated she's in BC - why on earth is she looking for a horse where I'm located? (I'm a good 4 -5 hours from the BC border.) Surely there are cheap ranchy horses closer - she'll end up spending a ton in gas.

I really don't understand this person and am getting annoyed with the bizarre questions - if you're that interested get in the vehicle and check the animal out in person. Plus why would she care more about conformation than a horse that bucks.

If anyone out there in cyberworld can help me understand - please do so!


Country Girl said...

Holy Doodle!! I clicked back to my email after writing this blog and the lady had emailed me back. She said "Sorry, not trying to be picky..." Gack - I must have come across as snarky. I replied and made it very, very clear this horse bucks and is not for beginners, or intermediates. She had mentioned she was looking into hauling costs.

I really don't want that missed. As much as I hate Buddy and I think the lady may have a few loose upstairs - I don't want her hurt. Who knows - maybe it'd be a match made in heaven.

The Canadian said...

CooKoo! CooKoo!!!