Monday, June 22, 2009

Crates Are A'Rockin'

For the past two weekends we've been on the road travelling to arena sheep trials, the latest being Lloydminister. When I was loading the truck I lost Gunner. This being one of his first forays into freedom I was worried he'd run off. I called and called. Walked out to see if he was pestering the cattle or horses. Wandered around the house looking for him. Only to find him sitting on the passenger seat of the truck, smiling a big doggy grin, clearly waiting to go for a ride. I hadn't noticed that he'd climbed in while I was putting the crates in the back of the cab.

Both Gunner and Reba enjoy going down the road with Tessa being a reluctant traveller, which is especially funny as she's travelled her entire life. When we pulled up to the agriculture grounds in Lloydminister I unloaded Tessa, and we went to work (gotta love being first up). Meanwhile back in the truck you could see the crates just a vibrating. Both Gunner and Reba were dying for a turn. Unfortunately for them, they were just along for the ride. I like to take them so they get experience being off the farm, get to see the sights and sounds so to speak.

Gunner was wonderfully brave and handled having all the strange people around him. As he starts to settle in he's becoming more trusting that he's not going to get into trouble and with that more bold in his behavior. His tail remained tucked between his legs but he wasn't cowering behind my legs. Reba is too bold and needs to learn to lie quietly at my feet and not snarling at any passing dog. Tessa worked a little too keen the first round but settled in to place 4th in the Novice category and 2nd in the ProNovice category.

It was a good day, complete with some much needed rain. The Lloydminister crew puts on a great trial and I'm going to be going back for more of their events.

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The Canadian said...

Gotta love those diamonds in the ruff! :)