Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's funny how absence can make the heart grow fonder.  I had not realized how attached I had grown to Whiskey until her trip to the stallion's.  Whiskey and I had a bit of a rocky start.  I fully believed she was a wonderful horse but she was not an easy horse to ride for the first few years (and even now).  Partly because of how she was started she had some issues we needed to work through and they were just that - work.  

She was the horse that would buck you off if you didn't pay attention to what she was telling you.  She went through a stage where she had some tantrums and displayed her unhappiness very clearly.  But that horse for the most part is gone.  The Whiskey that remains wants to please you.  If she understands what you're asking she'll consistently do it for you.  This is the horse that would work through pain or injury if you asked it of her (and I don't).  

For the first few years I owned her I hemmed and hawwed about selling her.  I never did end up listing her.  I think my procrastination was my heart trying to tell my mind that she was a keeper.  Part of the problem is she started out as my rope horse prospect and then when I couldn't rope I didn't know what to do with her.

When I pulled into the stallion's yard and I saw her standing there with her head over the fence watching, my heart about leaped out of my chest.  It was one of those a-ha! moments.  I love this horse.  I really, fully and completely adore her.  She has her faults but I felt so much pleasure just standing beside her scratching her head.  As she nosed my neck and head, I breathed in her horsey smell and felt stress release from my body.  Everything was suddenly better.

I couldn't imagine not having her in my life.  I'm hoping and praying that we'll be able to find the problem in her leg and get her sound again so I can enjoy her spunk and athleticism.  And if we can't, she'll remain under my care having the odd baby.

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The Canadian said...

It's so great how you can love an animal so fully and completely!