Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy Times

I've come to conclusion that perhaps I need to slow down. Over the past two days I've gone nonstop. Yesterday was Gunner's big vet day. He came home a changed dog - less his little man bits. Because he's a rescue and he has no paper (or so I thought) there is in my opinion no point in keeping him intact. While at the vet, Sam (the vet) found what she believes is a tattoo on his thigh. In order for a Border Collie to be registered with the Canadian registry they must have a tattoo and/or microchip identifying them. My new project is going to be trying to decipher the tattoo and then contacting the registry to see if I can find out where he came from and what his lines are. Just for interest sake.

Yesterday I also spent a good three hours working on the Buddy Gong Show. Today, after working a full day, I came home to track down some hay. After perusing the newspaper I made a few phone calls, decided on some hay and ordered 60 bales (square). Normally, by this time of the year we have grass up to our knees and everything would have been turned out on pasture for the last month and a half. This year we are ridiculously dry and have no grass growing. It's still up in the air if farmer's crops will get enough moisture to grow. Al in all, not very good. I also made the decision to sell my sheep sooner rather than later due to the grass shortage.

I went onto the Alberta Agriculture website, found a wanted ad, called and it turns out they would like my sheep. On Sunday, my six ewes complete with lambs will be going to their new home. This will allow me to bring 3 dog broke wethers home to work the dogs and get back into a training regime. I also have an arena trial I'll be traveling to on Sunday and while on the ASDA website I discovered another arena trial two hours from home. (This is close for me!) All of this has made me very excited.

Tomorrow I'll be headed to a local farm auction to check out a stock trailer with my father. (He actually asked?!) I don't exactly have the time for this but I figure if I take my work bag (I have about 20 hours of work I need to get done - ASAP.), it shouldn't be too big of a time waste. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth if he wants my opinion.

Looking at my upcoming week, Monday I'll be hauling hay (last round bale will be finished by Wednesday), Tuesday I have an evening meeting, and then it frees up, hopefully allowing me some down time. Let the good times roll.

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