Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Entered Up

It was time to man up.  Time to take the Ryder boy to his first trial.  He's not really ready.  He's a bit unsure (make that quite a bit) on his commands.  He doesn't cross drive yet.  But I have 11 days to fine tune him before he debuts in his first trial.  He'll be competing in the Lloydminister Stock Dog Trial on August 12th.  It's a relaxed arena trial that I think will be a good first experience for him.   I certainly don't expect him to do anything.  In fact, I'm fully prepared to walk off the post to help him out.

Because I was feeling nostalgic, I've also entered Tessa.  She's been quite sane, and it's only an arena trial.  I'll do a few little tune up works with her prior to but will work her very little.  I don't want to risk hurting her.

A little bit of old and new for a fun weekend.


Jennifer said...

Cool! :)

Liz Stout said...

Best of luck to both pups. Hopefully they can share experience and energy with one another and balance out for a pretty phenomenal day! Take the man and have him get photos/videos!!!! (That's what men are for, right?!)

The Canadian said...

Awesome!! You go, girl!!