Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good Ol' Vet Visit

Diva's been leaving some little spots behind her when she sits.  My poor little girl has been leaking.  Not a lot. Just more than a not quite two year old dog should.  I made a vet appointment and took her in.  Once there she was examined and then we took her outside to get a urine sample.  The clinic has this ladle thing they use.  She was, of course, scared of it.  Imagine her scooting forward looking over her shoulder at this thing while I'm walking around behind her trying to stick it under her butt when she squats...  I put a "pee" command into all my dogs.  We just travel too much and it simplifies life.  Giving her the command I eventually got the sample.  We'll get the results today.

The most interesting thing came to my attention while at the clinic.  My little Dee just may be growing up.  When we walked into the clinic the waiting room was empty.  Going to the far wall we settled down to wait.  Dee lay down by my feet, resting her head on her paws.  When the dog in the exam room came out she perked up.  I quietly asked her to focus on me... and she did!  Not a peep came out of her.  When we went to get our pee sample there was a dog close to the door.  Both times we were able to walk past with awesome manners.  She even "leave it" when a cat went Kung Fu Kitty on her outside.  Quite amazing.

Now we sit and wait.  Wait to find out what's going on.

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