Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zoo School

I spent yesterday at the zoo.  This year my team teacher got the grade threes into zoo school.  Yesterday was the mandatory teacher orientation.  I was hoping to come out of the day with a plan and some ideas of how I'll use this to benefit the kids.  I left not knowing much more than when I walked in.  While I don't want to be a negative nelly the zoo is something I have very mixed feelings about.  On one hand I understand it's mandate is to conserve and educate.  On the other hand I look at all these animals in cages and artificial spaces and feel sad.  The sad truth is these animals still have better lives than most people's pets.  They receive high quality and nutritionally balanced food.  They get exercise and attention (zoo keepers are with them a minimum of 12 hours).  They get mental stimulation (called enrichment activities.)  Either way, in October I'll be sucking it up and spending five full days at the zoo.

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The Canadian said...

I hope your zoo school adventure is a positive one!! :)