Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Summer Day

I had a super summer day at Ken's.  I arrived bright and early with the three hounds, ready to work.  Diva decided it was a great day to be a shit.  She snarked at Ken's daughter.  This meant work.  Work, work, work.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to get her to relax and let go.  She remained tense but mannerly.  Poor Ryder had a rude awakening.  We went and worked out in the hay field.  (Think 100 acres.)  Ken and I worked off each other.  I'd hold the sheep and he'd send his dog on an outrun.  And we'd switch.  Ryder was absolutely freaked by this.  He initially brought the sheep to Ken.  The next time he crashed the side.  With work I was able to get him to collect them cleanly and bring them to me.  He's still not very confident about it.  This will be something to continue to work on before any field trials.  Ken thought his drive was coming along very nicely.  We're still not really trial ready but we're  going because he's such a wimpo he needs to be exposed to as much as I can get him to.

I had Ken work Charlie.  Charlie was his pushy self but worked pretty nice for a young dog.  Ken was impressed.  It's a shame he doesn't have the right qualities to "fit" Blaine but I won't send him a dog that's not perfect for him.  I'll be calling some of my trainer friends to see if they'd be interested in a cattle/ranch prospect.  I don't have time come September so the quicker he goes the better it is for both of us.  In the meantime I'll continue to work on basic obedience with him.

Ken rode a couple of horses.  One was the gelding that I had for part of the winter and the other was a mare I love.  She was injured in a wire accident.  Cut open her hock badly.  It's really sad because she's an outstanding mare but won't be performance sound.  (Likely not.)  Well bred (Playgun, Sonitas Last) with a great disposition.

I had a great day and came home with some tired dogs.  What more can a girl ask for?

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The Canadian said...

Sounds like you are soaking up as much summer fun as possible!!