Monday, August 6, 2012

Saddle Up

Just because I'm slightly twisted I decided to have some fun with the horses today.  I saddled and lunged Johnnie.  He was pretty good if a bit bug eyed.  Next I eye balled Guinness.  Guinness is only a yearling so too young for training or riding.  However,  the curious person inside of me wanted to see what my beefy baby would do with a saddle.  I figure I might as well test this out while he's still small enough for me to keep under somewhat control.  So I saddled Guinness.  All appropriately and slowly as fitting a baby.

He was surprisingly good.  He only got broncy after he'd been leaned on.  I think he didn't like the feel of the saddle on him with the added weight.  Boy can he buck!  He even made those nasty grunting groaning noises you usually only hear rodeo broncs make.  After his episode he calmed right down and I was able to walk and trot him around.  I'm very happy with how his mind works.  For the most part he was calm and accepting of everything that happened.

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Liz Stout said...

I'd like a video of his grunting. =)