Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scream Like A Girl

Sitting on a couch watching a cooking show, thinking I was going to start making my pizza dinner soon, I giggled as Diva batted around her newest favorite toy.  And then it happened.  Diva wandered over to the corner looking curious.  She kind of batted at the corner and then jumped back.  Focusing, I looked.  And promptly screamed like a girl.   There was an ant explosion.  They were pouring out of my corner like something from a horror show.  Freaking out I hopped off the couch, danced around before herding the dogs out of the room.  Grabbing my keys, I tossed the dogs into their respective places in the garage before bolting out with my truck.  Frenzied I drove into town to the nearest greenhouse where I loaded up on ant killer sprays and powders.  Next stop was the grocery store for some ant traps.  Eighty dollars later I left town.

Doing the heebie jeebie dance I shuddered as I read the instructions while keeping a close eye on the mass of ants in the corner of my house.  Traps set down.  Dr. Doom sprayed into the crack and the ants began a mass exodus.  Eyes wide I watched them clear out en masse.  A friend suggested I check my basement.  Down the stairs I go, into the room directly below where another mini freak out ensued.  Eeeew!  They had just dropped a level.  Zipping back up I grabbed my spray, climbed a ladder and began spraying.  Out to the garage I went to drop traps. (I didn't want to spray in there because that's where the dogs hang out.)  Along the edge of the house I applied poison powder stuff.  By the time I got back into the house the ants were gone.  Completely gone.  Weird.

Throughout the evening I did perimeter checks looking for any signs of the invaders.  Nothing.  I found one little lingerer which I quickly dispatched with a Kleenex.  Friggen' creepy.

To give you an idea of the volume of ants, this picture shows about 1/3 -1/2 the amount of ants - after I'd begun treating and they'd begun vacating.  *shudder*


Jennifer said...

cream of wheat is a natural an killer. They eat it and the wheat expands...Poof! Blown up ants. :) Good luck...ants suck.

The Canadian said...

Ewwww!! Bet you doing the heebie jeebie dance is a pretty funny sight! LMAO!!

MTWaggin said...

Go get some diatomaceous earth and spread it all around the foundation of your house. Get the food grade and it won't harm the dogs (in fact we use it for fleas and lice when needed right on the dogs).