Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have had the most unpleasant illness ever.  The friendly neighborhood flu decided to visit.  It started Wednesday.  I was feeling slightly queasy but shook it off and went to work.  It was extremely cold here that day and the buses weren't running but I was still expected to show up.  It was in my classroom with the 8 students who braved it to come to school that I realized I wasn't really queasy.  I was full fledged nauseous.  I made it to lunch at which point my coworkers booted me out of the school.  They took my kids and sent me home.  I spent the remainder of the day praying to the porcelain gods, laying on the couch or sleeping in my bed.  I ate nothing and could handle little fluid going down.

Thursday I remained home.  Repeating the process.  By late afternoon I thought I might be improving.  I made some of my favorite "safe" food: noodles, chicken in a mug and soda crackers.  While cramping and uncomfortable everything stayed put.  With a sigh of relief I drove into town.  It was the first night of my graduate class.  While uncomfortable and tired I was no longer leaking fluid from my orifices.  This I could deal with.  I made the decision to attempt work in the morning.

Normally, I'm up at 6:30 and gone by 7:30.  I like to get up, check my email, let the dogs out and then if I'm showering go do that (I often shower at night.).  As I get things ready in the bathroom my stomach lets out some ominous sounds.  Ryder runs away.  And from that point things went south.  Fast.  With no choice I call my principal to let her know I'm coming but shouldn't be, and begin the jaunt to work.  I made it half a day before the kindergarten teacher came to sub in my class for the afternoon.  Once home I spent inordinate amounts of time in the washroom.  Friday night also brings class for me.  Mustering every last ounce of energy I drive in.  And I spend the most uncomfortable distracted night at class.  While I realize I wanted to loose weight - this not eating for three days certainly wasn't part of the plan.

Now imagine being trapped in the house with two Border Collies who have had very little exercise of stimulation for the week due to extreme cold and then extreme sick.  Not good.  While lying on the couch I'd listlessly toss the ball for the dogs.  While in bed I had to deal with these little fur brats who brought all the toys up and dropped them beside my body.  Then they'd run their snout along me to ensure I knew.  However, given the fact that they're young dogs (dad has Tessa this week) they were surprisingly good.  Diva especially came around.  She took to curling her body up by mine and sleeping with me.  Ryder who hasn't slept with me in ages took to sitting sentinel on the bed looking out the window.  And I know.  I know I shouldn't let them on the bed.  For a wide variety of reasons.  But when your guts are trying to claw their way out of your body - you just don't care.  When you can't keep anything in your system - this seems like a small thing.  And let me tell you - when I was radiating cold - I certainly appreciated the extra body heat.

I'm supposed to be in class today but talked to the professor.  If my noodle concoction stays put this morning I'll drive in for the afternoon class.


MTWaggin said...

NOT the way to start school. Take care, let the dogs love on you (who cares if they are on the bed) and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery! Don't OVERDO!

Liz Stout said...

Kick it's flu butt. And bravo to your dogs for reading you and comforting you in the ways they could!!!

The Canadian said...

Leaking fluids from your orifices?? Um, ew! LMAO!!

MTWaggin said...

Shared a Liebster award with you. If you want to play, you can pick it up off my blog, if not no harm no foul either. Hope you start feelinig better soon!