Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making It All Worth While

Today was one of those days that makes everything worth while.  It makes the hardships, the sacrifices, the tears and the sweat all seem insignificant.  I have been struggling with the lifestyle choices I've made.  Some days I think it would be so easy to live in a condo and board a horse at a stable.  Today I remembered why I don't.  

I woke up with a residual headache.  It made for a slow morning.  By the time I had ate breakfast and allowed the Advil to kick in it was closing in on 11:00.  I loaded up Diva and Ryder and headed out to the park.  We had a wonderful hour long hike.  The dogs ran and ran and ran.  Diva is really funny when she plays in the snow so I laughed and giggled at their antics.  We had a great walk until we met another hiker with a dog.  Apparently I need to start taking the little one's into town and remind them of their manners.  Such the disappointment.  (Mostly Diva.)  I think I'll do some one-one walking and work on leash manners and greeting dogs on leash.  We've just been hanging by ourselves so they need a refresher.  

Ryder and his temperamental tummy.  He had the trots on the walk leading me to decide not to work him once we got to the farm.

Next I drove to the farm.  There dad and I caught Hank (Ken's horse) who is a jittery bugger and really hard to catch.  Hank and Guinness both had some leading practice.  Guinness is getting cheeky - trying to nip at me.  I think a phone call into the vet is in order.  It's been so mild here I'm going to see if she'll geld him sooner than the planned spring.  He's growing like a weed and moved up to the yearling size halter.  

After our little leading session, dad and I dewormed Guinness.  The sheep were next.  We used the chute which worked pretty slick.  They all got their dosage of wormer.  

Once we finished I headed into the house where I sat with Tessa and snuggled her.  We sat on the recliner and she slept on my lap.  It funny to me how snuggling with Ryder or Diva isn't the same.  Tessa sleeping on my lap brings such a feeling of peace and rightness to my world.  I decided not to bring her home with me today, simply because it would be for such a short period of time and I didn't want to upset her or confuse her.  It was heart wrenching leaving her behind - sitting at the door.  Not something I wish to do again.  

When I returned to my house I kicked the dogs out and deciding it was such an outstanding day - I went for a ride.  This would be both my and Bacardi's first ride since around September.  Tying her up I began brushing her.  She had ants in her pants which made me opt for a saddle.  I ended up riding for close to 40 minutes.  Just around my little acreage.  This was a training run for the dogs.  I wanted to see how they'd be with me on a horse.  Diva followed along quite happily.  I'm sure she thought she was keeping the horse balanced to me, but didn't do any naughty behavior like dive bombing or nipping at the horse.  Ryder was freaked.  I climbed on the horse and he got spooked.  He kept a safe distance from us.  Preferring to lie down and watch - from behind the fence.  I'd call him and toss treats down for him.  Either way it looks like the dogs and I are good to go for a ride in the park.  They recalled to the horse and knew to attend to me.  It was bloody icy in my fields and I couldn't really do anything fun, but I'm stoked to go ride with the dogs.  I think it'll be great exercise for them.  

What a great day!

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MTWaggin said...

You needed a day like that! Glad you took the time to have it!