Saturday, January 28, 2012

Migraine Detector??

I'm one of those people who gets Aura Migraines.  They generally start with "flashy lights", similar to the effect one gets after staring into the sun.  Next it can be blurred vision and a very severe headache.  Today when I got home Diva was being very needy.  She was whining (not necessarily unusual for her, and began sniffing the air.  (I thought she was scared of the oven and fan which I had just turned on).  She followed this with running away to my bedroom and whining even more insistently.  I went to my room - mostly to shut her up.  There she leaned up against my legs and I ran my hands soothingly down her sides. When I went to check my meal (on the stove) I realized I was not able to see properly.  Immediately downing my meds I began stretching - which sometimes helps my shoulders and neck relax and alleviates some symptoms.  By this point in time Diva had moving into the living room and began a whining grunt sound.  When I went to see her she was quite intent on getting me to play with her.  As my vision deteriorated and I realized just how severe it was getting.  Being meal time I had dished up the dog's food.  Diva would not eat.  Instead staying by me.  This was weird.  Diva is highly food motivated.  It made me wonder: was Diva being needy because that's part of who she is, or did Diva recognize the fact that I was getting a migraine before I did?  It's an interesting concept.  While not my first migraine with Diva alive, it was my first with her living in the house with me.  I have to wonder if it's possible for her to predict migraines, and if that's what she in fact did, can she be trained to produce a specific signal or cue?


Liz Stout said...

Yoga! Helps to teach the body lots of ways to relax and you can utilize them all the time. Has worked wonders for me.

MTWaggin said...

They indeed notice things we do not even about ourselves. Good that you wrote out what happened so next time you can compare notes! Hope you are feeling better - me MAJOR sinus headache today (wind and hormones).