Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dream Horse from a Past Life

There was a time I would have turned my nose up at the thought of riding anything other than an Arabian.  The very thought of riding a clunky, ugly quarter horse left chills going down my spine.  I believed my Arabians could do anything any other type of horse did.  My horses showed (local and A), went cattle penning, made many miles on trails, took all kinds of clinics, did gymkhana and college rodeo, and I even roped off of the one horse (Charro).  These horses were my best friends when the world went wrong.  I rode a lot.  I rode close to seven days a week and was usually in the saddle for well over an hour.  

When I got more serious about the rodeo and roping world I knew I needed to specialize, so I bought an old "school master" rope horse.  While I still had my Arabian he began to spend more time sitting in the field than getting the miles he so enjoyed. With student loans and adult responsibilities looming I made the decision to sell him (and I've since tried to find him again - but no luck.)

One of my friends has an Arabian left over from her days prior to her breeding paints.  Jonnie or Bay Cyty Roller is well bred, has an awesome disposition, size, and has already accumulated halter wins at the local and regional (A) level.  I love this horse.  I've loved this horse from the day I first met him years ago.  Back when he was a little sprout I loved this horse.  He's by Cyty Heat who's making waves up here.  I had told Lynsay that if I could sell Bacardi I'd buy Jonnie.  Well, Bacardi is still here and a lot of tire kickers have come and gone.  And Jonnie is still wasting away in one of her pens.  This love for him is completely irrational.  I want to cut.  I'm 99% certain that is not his role in life.  But I *heart* him.   And I want him.  And I've pretty much decided smart or not, if the opportunity arises that I can buy him - I will.  

Here are some pictures of Jonnie.  The pictures are courtesy of Lynsay.

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