Friday, December 9, 2011

Settling In

I've been slowly settling into my new house.  My kitchen is undergoing phase two of organization as I've decided I need to move my baking stuff.  The living room now has a TV (after weeks!!), and the lone two couches.  More furniture will be purchased once I get myself a bit more organized.  The biggest accomplishment was taking Tessa's pics to the framing shop.  A couple of years ago I had professional pictures of Tessa taken on sheep.  She's ridiculously camera shy so this is no easy feat.  I'm super excited to get them back.  (The framing was more than the bloody pictures!!)

The dogs are slowly settling in.  Tessa's having a tough time.  Part of this could be winter - last winter was brutal for her.  Part of this is most definitely the move.  She's doing more "crazy" things.  Staring into space.  Putting herself to bed.  Getting confused.  Refusing to go potty outside.  (Which wreaks havoc with my morning routine and getting to work.)  It's pretty clear her hearing and eye sight has deteriorated since summer.   Ryder is such an amazing boy.  I'm blessed he made his way back into my life.  He takes the toys to Tess.  He sniffs and cleans her bum - especially after she's been outside.  When she's having a really bad day, he licks her face, and lays near her.  I've started contemplating how to tell my class she may not make the winter.  She'll be in as "guest" teacher next week for a day.  I'm also blessed my administration supports having her in my room. (I'm regularly approached by staff requesting her.)

As Tessa ages, I'm very careful with her when she's around the kids.  At one time I would have no qualms.  I need to keep her safe, especially when she's tired.  I need to make sure the kids don't maul her.  This group is really good.  They respect her and when I tell them she needs a nap they leave her be.  It never fails to amaze me how she picks the kids that need her the most to be around.  It never fails to amaze me how joyful they become with her.  I know she'll be a calming influence with the Christmas crazies quickly approaching.  (We go right up to the 23rd.)  But I also know the days are limited that she'll be strong enough to handle a busy classroom environment.

Diva has not been good with Tessa's decline.  She's taking the attitude of wanting to be Queen Bee.  This creates work for me, but we're managing the situation.  On the positive side, Diva's been wanting to engage in play more often, and seems to be developing a stronger attachment to me.  Her recall still stinks.  But is sloooooooowwwwwwwlllllly improving.  On the negative side, Ryder was a little bully at the dog park last weekend.  Clearly I need to get back to doing some work with him that way.  He was very ruffled when we were leaving.  Need to get him out more and reinforce his manners.  Part of the problem is he wants to protect me.  But he must learn when this is appropriate behavior.  (For example someone breaking into the house - appropriate for him to react.)

Pictures to follow tomorrow of my favorite house feature!

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