Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Still My Heart

Last night, as I pulled my truck into the garage, Diva shot out.  Cursing under my breath I parked, closed the big door, gave Ryder some love and unloaded my stuff.  My next big move was to head into the house for some highly motivating food.

Knowing Diva likes to play the "can't catch me, I'm a little #$@$^ game" I purposefully went to the back deck door.  Flipping on the deck lights I could see the little rotter sitting out there.  Perky as you please.  Taking a deep breath, trying to create positive energy waves, I opened the door.  As I pulled open the door the strangest thing happened.  Diva came bolting, full speed for me.  As she joyfully greeted me, I gave her a dehydrated fish bite.  I was slightly stunned.  Tonight the same thing happened.  And. She. Came. Running.

I must admit I've gotten so used to her being naughty I'm not entirely sure what to think.


The Canadian said...

Love those happy surprises!

MTWaggin said...

Take it! She is sewing her oats and being a little imp so take those conquests when they come! Have your leashes arrived yet?????