Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can I stick with it??

I've laid out my current action plan.  I'm really hopeful this may be realistic and achievable.

I'll put it into action during break as there are simply too many interruptions right now to be consistent.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings - prior to work - run on treadmill.
Each morning the dogs get a short "cardio" prior to work.
Tuesday and Thursday evenings I'd like to start a hot yoga class.  (If not something else physical.)
Each evening do the subdivision loop - (2.2 k or about 1.5 miles) - with the dogs.
Each evening do 5-10 minutes of "mental" work with each dog.  Either tricks, obedience training, etc.

Weekends are free.  Meaning I can do what I want - likely some herding and hopefully some riding.  The horse stuff is out on weekdays unless I want to haul to a stable and that has it's own inherent challenges in winter.  (No light and cold weather with outside horse.)

We shall see how I do...

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Liz said...

You got this! Hurrah for yoga - the class I've started attending is a huge help to my individual practice. Thanks bunches for suggesting Ashtanga. I'm lovin' it.