Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Did You Spend New Years?

Warning!  Gross Post!

This morning I had the rudest of awakenings.  I woke up to the lovely sound of retching.  Springing out of bed as fast as I could (at 6:30 in the morning), I hustled towards the ominous sound.  It was Ryder.  Puking up the bits of toy he decided to eat Friday night.  Now, I had thought I'd caught him quickly enough.  Apparently I was a smidge too slow.  Not only did he puke up the hunk of barbell I caught him destroying, he puked up a huge portion of the toy Tessa had destroyed.  

You know the warnings, dog must be supervised, blah, blah, blah.  Well, I DO supervise the little wrecking machines!  You would be stunned at how quickly they can get into trouble.  All it took was me walking into the next room to get a drink of water.  And Whammy!  Brand. New. Toy.  Poof!  Gone!  Well a good sized hunk of it anyhow.  I promptly took it away and threw it out.  Meanwhile, behind the couch Tessa was happily ripping the stuffing out of the Brand. New. Toy.  Unbeknownst to me, Ryder had also helped himself to the innards of this toy.  How do I know?  Well, at 6:30 in the morning when he puked it all up there were hunks of the toy I took from him, as well as this plastic and stuffing that had been in Tessa's toy.  Lovely.

Then on our walk in the park I noticed he was struggling a bit to do his business.  Very out of character for my speedy doody man.  Telling myself not to panic or get too worried before I checked the dog run at home.  Once home, I noticed some diarrhea and stool so I decided against calling the vet.  Bowel movement had to be a positive thing.  

About an hour after he eats his supper he so kindly puked it all back up.  On my freshly cleaned floor.  This prompted some agony over calling my vet on New Years Eve.  Some Internet searching induced paranoia prompted the phone call.  Where I was informed to watch him.  Closely.  She gave me some advice of what I should feed him to try and help him pass things on his own.  So here I am.  Waiting for my dog to puke or present some fabulous diarrhea.  Let the good times roll.  If he gets worse, the vet will meet me at the clinic and we'll begin some diagnostics.  Come morning we're to make a decision if he needs further care.  

Yep, I am that girl.  Here's a sampling of one of the puke's I cleaned off my floor.  Nummy!


Liz Stout said...

Aaaahahhahaa, this is amazing. We're the same person. I do this with my dog, too.

Did the passage occur? I hope so!!

Kenai's best eat-something-I-shouldn't-and-shit-everywhere was when he ate about a half pound of alfalfa pellets the horses had. I had one giant (but so grassy and nice smelling) poo in my car, then he did three more in the house w/in 5 minutes. All larger than my hand spread wide. SUPER awesome. THank god for green carpet! lol

Country Girl said...

LOL - the big event (and I do mean BIG) occurred at around noon, while I was giving a herding lesson at my folk's place - inside of course. Apparently my mom didn't realize how serious I was when I said "watch him closely" - she learned...

Thank goodness he's okay - but what an awful feeling and what a long night!

MTWaggin said...

Thanks for THAT picture this morning! haha I so live that same thing at my house. This weekend it was someone (Paqui) eating the top half of an ancient oven mitt after someone (Sterling) pulled the oven mitt/towel rack off the fridge. See my eyes rolling?