Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Friend

Yesterday was one of the perfect days for me.  It's December and the temperature was not minus frigid.  I got to load my truck with dogs and had a trailer on behind me.  We ended up spending the day at Ken's.  I was going to pick up a yearling to take to keep Guinness company.  Both babies were to be moved to my place.

I pulled into his yard and promptly tried to get the truck and trailer stuck.  Hitting a soft spot in the snow = not cool.  I managed to solve the problem myself with some creative language, sweat, and ace maneuvering.  One of my favorite things about Ken's is that I have someone who loves horses and dogs just as much as I do.  Our first job was to catch his baby, trim his feet, tie him up, and make sure he loads.  While we were doing this we chatted horses.  Ken has a lovely, lovely 3 year old that was his top futurity prospect (cutting).  She got caught up in oil lease wire and tore the tar outta her hock.  It was heartbreaking because she's now worth virtually nothing and the oil company won't pay the vet bill (1900 and counting) or loss of value.  He is understandably frustrated.   We went and looked at his weanlings.  I picked out my favorite.  *huge smile*

Next I worked Ryder.  He gave me some feedback on things I'm doing and gave me some things to think about.  On leash Ryder was really weird.  Ken has a young guardian pup that Ryder took a dislike to.  No ruffled back, just growling.  I could lie Ryder down, move him around, have him focus on me.  Yet he continued to growl at the pup.  Any suggestions for making him "give up" the behavior?  He was completely in control and didn't make any negative moves towards the other dog.  Just staying in heel or sit/stay.  But growled.  Big sigh.  He's normally so soft so I was slightly startled that he was that determined to keep growling.

Afterwards horse was loaded, dogs had a potty break and we hit the road.  Once home at the farm, Guinness was a naughty brat who decided he was not leading.  Not. For.  Anything.  Yes, it's timely he comes home for some work.

Here's his new bud.  (As of yet - no name.)


MTWaggin said...

Pretty baby and Guiness will be happy to have a new buddy. Ryder and puppy, desensitize is the best thing with lots-o-treats just as we were doing with Sterling and his other dog fear. Keep it safe but does he act different if he is off leash? What was the body language of the new puppy and is the guardian dog bigger than Ryder? Just throwing crap out! :)

Country Girl said...

Yes, the dog was bigger but young 6-9 months old. He's generally great off leash unless someone starts with something, then he gets ruffled and stays ruffled for a long time. Puppy was wiggling mess. lol