Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ryder's Homecoming

Amidst much stress Ryder has moved home. His owner was sad to see him go and emphasized there was no problem with the dog. Just an unfortunate circumstances sending him back here. He is a lovely little dog. A huge sigh of relief left my body when I saw he was shiny and healthy. He's not in as good as shape as my dogs but that can be quickly remedied. Right now his commands are a bit sketchy, but Borders are funny about their people and sometimes take a bit of time to warm up and show their best listening. To help prevent him from making mistakes he'll be on a leash or penned until he shows a solid recall.

Diva seemed to want to show him the ropes. Literally. She grabbed hold of his leash and was tugging on it like mad, having a grand old time! He doesn't seem to have any aggression issues. More on the submissive side when it comes to the other dogs. Reba and Tessa have an intense case of dislike right now, which I'll be monitoring and working on. For obvious reasons he won't be allowed unsupervised with them.

It's funny what dogs seem to know and remember. I'd swear he knew who Bella was. The absolute joy with which he greeted her was heartwarming to watch. He is definitely in love with her. And she, to her credit was awesome as always.

When the snow stops, I'll try to get a video of them playing because it's pretty funny. He's a very nice dog, and I'll be working with him to help him be the best he can be.

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The Canadian said...

Boy, Bella sure is a lot of fun! Those pups are lucky to have a babysitter like her!!!