Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy Bee

Things have been hectic around here. And my poor critters are being neglected, especially with the descent of -30 weather, add on a wind chill and it's stinking cold! Frozen booger cold as I like to say. This week I've had parent teacher conferences each night. This means I leave my house at 7:30 in the morning and pull back into the yard at around the 9:00 pm mark. Poor dogs. Thank goodness my mom has committed to providing some play time. (But no where near my standard 1-2 hour each evening with additional training time.)

On Friday (tomorrow), I'm meeting Keith. He's bring a 8 week old pup that will be going to Grace's new home. He'll either deliver the pup to my school, or I'll zip into Edmonton to pick it up after work.

On Saturday I'm meeting Lynne and Zoey (Diva's litter mate) for a play date at the dog park at 10 am. In the afternoon, I'm off to my nephews birthday party. And at some point Nick will be picking up his new pup.

On Sunday I have a herding date with Tracy, who likes to "cross train" her agility dog. She comes out every so often to work with me and learn about training her dog on stock. I'm also waiting to hear from Ryder's people with a time for him to rejoin my home.

Monday I'm back at work. No rest for the wicked. On the bright side I should have something interesting to blog about and I'll make an effort to get pictures.

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The Canadian said...

Yipeeee! I can't wait to see pics! You are a machine with all that on your plate!