Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dream or Reality

Something many people don't realize is that I've been debating going back to university and getting a graduate degree. It has nothing to do with how I feel in the classroom. Instead this would be for me, for my development as a human being. I've been trying to decide between getting a Master of Education - Specialisation in Technology in Education or Master of Education - Leadership. Having more schooling is the ace in the hole should I ever decide to leave the classroom.

Even when I was fresh out of school, I've always had the thought of graduate studies for the future. The focus has changed from Literacy, to Counselling, to Technology, to Administration. Initially, when I went to school I wanted to become a Speech Pathologist, however I quickly discovered the classrooms were a better fit for my personality.

I really like learning. As a result I read a lot, attend a lot of seminars and professional development, and scour resources and the Internet for information. I've even taken online university courses. The biggest roadblock stopping me from registering and applying immediately is money. The cost (more or less) for a complete Masters will run me around $15,000.

And to be honest, I could manage it. Except I have a horse in cutting training, on a futurity track. I can't afford to do both. Both are expensive little endeavors. Both are things I quite badly want to do, and if someone dropped a pot of money in my lap, I'd hold onto. The question of the day is do I scuttle the cutting dream, put it on hold for another day? Or do I put the graduate program on hold for another two years (the amount of time it'll take to run Roxy through the futurities)? There are Pros and Cons for either side.

So do I choose my career and brain, or do I choose my free time and hobby life? Either way I have to make a decision...


Jennifer said...

Choices. hmmm, no comment. lol :)You know by now that I'm a follow the tune in my heart kind of :) Good Luck!

ps...The Clint Swales clinic in Cold Lake is still open. I can supply a horse for you. I will forward you the entry form and we'll iron out the details. :)

MTWaggin said...

I agree with Jennifer, follow your heart. Just remember, balance in life is good and what brings you JOY today as we know not what the future brings.

Maybe take a little longer to do your graduate work and go back part time for now so you can still balance the pursuit of your other things.