Monday, February 21, 2011


This is Coby. He's a Wire Haired Pointer. He's here visiting with my brother and his family. Coby doesn't have the best social skills. (Coming from me and my grumpy pack that's sayin' something!) He doesn't "read" dog body language. Or not very well...

To defend the poor guy, it's not really his fault. His mom and dad don't do very much with him. And if you know anything about hunting breeds then you know they are high energy, scent driven and not the most trainable creatures on the face of the earth. Coby has papers and is from some championship lines. Apparently he has a good "scent instinct", which led to his breeder asking my brother to leave him intact. Sigh. Which wouldn't be a big deal if they put effort into doing stuff with him. (And if I wasn't left to clean up his mess - both in and out of the house.)

In my brother's defense, he has a new baby and a start-up business. However, he also has this dog. This dog who regularly doesn't get out for runs. Instead, he makes do with a play in the house. And it really aggravates me. Today, I took Coby out with my crew for an hour "free play-walk" in the field. He was wild. My dogs were wild with annoyance. Even Bella, who's ridiculously sweet avoids him. Diva, is fascinated. Part of her would love to play chase with him, but part of her is terrified of him. He's not the gentlest of animals out there.

Reba wants to attack him, but will settle and play wrestle and chase with him, as long as it's on her terms. She's had a number of discussion about appropriate bum sniffing and how to greet another dog. It's slowly sinking in. Tessa avoids him. I think he's too rough. Both her and Diva will stay close to the safety of my legs.

I would like to see my brother give the dog up. I just don't think it's fair for Coby. Poor guy, is very likely a fabulous hunting trial dog. Unfortunately, my brother would need to hit the road to compete with him.

It really bothers me because I bust my bottom for my animals, and I hate having one on my periphery that isn't getting the same standard. Even though Coby's not my kind of dog - he really annoys me most days - I still wish a better life for him. (To be very clear here, he is not abused or mistreated.)

But I will Mind My Own Business.

"Mommmmmyyyyy!!!!! He's coming!!!!!!!"

"I'm Coby! Watch me run!!!"

"Why would I give it back to you??"

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The Canadian said...

I sure wish everyone made the same effort we make to give our pups the attention and exercise they need!!