Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last night I relented and allowed Tessa to rejoin me at night in my room. She had been banished after her big peeing episode. But looking in her sad doggy face, I felt bad and dragged her bed back into my room for her. I was feeling tired and made the decision to head to bed early.

Tessa, scratched on the side, asking permission to come up. Patting the bed I moved over giving her room to join me. With her current state of urine issues, you could consider this a risky decision. I, however, miss our cuddles. I pulled her little body in close to mine, with her back along my belly, and her head under my chin. She rooted and wiggled until she was tightly in the nook. Once settled I put my arm over her in a hug and we lay there.

But she was "off" and wouldn't settle down, eventually trying to sit on my head, resulting in me shoving her down, and her hopping off the bed. Throughout the night I was routinely woken up by her. She'd come scratch the side of the bed. I'm not the person who ever ignores a pet who's asking for something. So I'd wobble down the hall, to the door, let her out, and lean in a groggy fog until I thought she would be ready to come in. A couple of times she'd refuse to go out, digging in her paws until I shut the door.

She remained off and clingy as the day passed. Fluctuating between her hilarious howling songs, and tail tucked hiding in my closet. She wanted to remain near me at all times. When I sat down to eat, she'd be bopping my leg with a paw, or trying to climb on my lap. So I gave up. I sat in the Lazy Boy and helped her into my lap, where she shoved her body into mine. As I type, she is lying bug eyed at my feet.

I'm not sure what the problem is. Strokes? But I called the vet and will be upping her anxiety meds to the maximum dosage. Hopefully it helps. Hopefully she's just having an off day. Hopefully we both get some sleep tonight. The good news is she didn't pee on my bed last night. Nor on my lap today.

That counts for something, right?


MTWaggin said...

Either something is going on with her OR she is sensing something going on with you?

Jennifer said...

Ya, I agree with MTWaggin!

Country Girl said...

My brother and his family are up this weekend, but they were also up last weekend. The weather has been particularly frigid so not a lot of exercise outside. I'll see how she is into next week. If I'm still worried I'll call the vet to get her perspective.

I would say more her than me. I'm plugging along like always...