Monday, December 20, 2010

Rubbing Hands With Glee

Today I braved the terrifying city streets clogged with Christmas shoppers and bad, bad drivers!  I was attempting to hit the "north" side stores where I was power-shopping for the items on my list.  Because PetSmart is so near the store I was hitting up, I popped in.  I wanted to get a couple more dog beds.  (Tessa and Reba are not interested in sharing with each other.)  While I was there, I stumbled across the book section.  Browsing through I discovered this book, "101 Dog Tricks" by Kyra Sundance and Chalcy.  And I was hooked!

I can't wait to torment Reba with this stuff!  And the puppies!  And Tessa - well Tessa loves this stuff so it's not really torment.  I'm super pumped to get playing with my little dog family.  

I also took a leap of faith and registered the pups in a puppy class at See Spot Run.  I've heard very positive things about the classes and trainers.  It's important to me to get the little guys out as much as I can.  I think it'll make them better dogs down the road.

I've attached a YouTube made by the author of the book.  Happy watching!

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