Friday, December 24, 2010

And Then There Were Two

Somedays I blink in astonishment. I started with seven *seven!!* pups. Now there are two left. Yesterday, a couple took Ryder home. And I'm happy to say it's the perfect Ryder home. It's an experienced dog handler who wanted a higher energy dog. He wanted a dog that could keep up with the horse when out in the field doing work. He wanted a dog that would also be his companion, living in the house when not doing ranch work. Perfect! It made me even happier that he wanted to see Reba work - only people who know what they're doing ask this. He liked mom, and he liked the baby.

Now I just have Luke and Diva. And Diva's mine. Luke, I would be willing to sell only to his perfect home. Otherwise he stays with me. He would need a home with a family. One who will continue to play with him, as well as give him the opportunity to work. Both pups are registered and starting basic obedience classes on January 3rd. I can't wait to see how they develop.

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