Thursday, December 2, 2010

For Crying Out Loud

Sometimes I swear I'm cursed.  I had done something to my upper back.  Now, I'm not entirely sure what but it felt like I was being attacked by sharp stabbing knives when I moved wrong.  Needless to say I was moving like I'd aged.  A lot.  

Next, likely because I wasn't sleeping, my body decided I needed the pleasure of a cold.  Seriously??  I was just sick!  Hadn't I paid my dues?  As I've panted and wheezed I started wondering just how much mucus and snot a body could produce.  I seemed to have a never ending supply.  When I would do my nasal lavage, the saline solution would literally go in - and not come out.  It seemed to disappear into the black hole that was masquerading as my sinus's.  

After a 12 hour sleep last night, and another trip to the chiropractor I'm once again starting to resemble a human.  Other than the weird snorting, snuffling sounds that passes for breathing right now.  At work when I have the FM system on (like a microphone) I'm pretty sure I can pull of Darth Vader.  I've also given the kids countless giggles by producing sounds no person should.

Here's to the countdown to normalcy.  Or what passes for it here anyway.  


The Canadian said...

Uggg!! Feel better soon!!!!

MTWaggin said...

Get better - you are NOT cursed! That is just how it works, I have the same issue often if I mess up my back it often will lead to some other immune system issue. Pamper yourself a while and it will go away!

Jennifer said...

Hope you feel better SOON!