Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Do People Do It?

Yesterday, with mixed feelings I let Grace move on to a new home.  I really, really liked this pup.  But I also really, really like Diva, and Luke.  And Ryder's just darn cute.  I'm a picky pants when it comes to deciding if people pass my quality control to take one of MY dogs.  This couple, and older, farm couple, did a good job during my interrogation.  Grace will be a working dog who is part of the family.  

Originally, I had planned to keep her.  But the past week I've been flip flopping between her and Diva.  Diva is a soft little dog and I think she'll be very easy to train.  Grace won't be as easy but is soooo neat!  I hate doing this.  I hate having to decide who stays and who has to go.  I hate how hard it's been on Reba.  I'll have to get some pictures of my bald and skinny little dog.  The vet says it'll take three months for her to completely recover.  

And I have to wonder.  How do people do this on a regular basis?  

Right now, my plan is to hold on to Diva and Luke.  Luke I'd be willing to rehome only to a very special home.  I'm just having too much fun working with him.  Ryder will need to have an active working home.  He just has too much energy and drive to be happy otherwise.  And if I have to hold on to him, and wait - I will.  

And the fun continues...

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MTWaggin said...

They trust their gut, trust their heart and remember that they can't keep them all (but must be open to getting them back all the same) and that maybe just maybe they aren't the ONLY best home for their pups! :) If you didn't worry and question, you wouldn't be "responsible"!