Thursday, December 23, 2010

Like A Heel

This morning I felt like a heel. A really mean, nasty and snotty heel. This morning I received a compliment at the same time I felt like a heel. While I was pounding out another batch of perogies the phone rang. It was a person calling to see if I had any pups left for sale.

It turns out they had seen Grace at her new home and were so impressed that they wanted one of her litter mates. Good news? Unfortunately, they wanted one of her litter mates to be a yard dog on a farm that had no stock. They wanted her sibling to be an outside companion for an older gentleman who just lost his wife. They wanted this pup to be a Christmas present.

And I had to be the jerk who had to nicely, kindly suggest that perhaps this type of dog wouldn't be happy just hanging out. That they like exercise and attention. They like to play. They want to work. That if they are left on their own for too long they will find their own entertainment.

I understand, all too well about the comforts of an animal. I understand what it's like to loose someone you loved. I understand lonely. And I understand that I can't sell one of my babies into a situation I'm not 110% certain will be good for them.

So as I stood at my kitchen counter, tears welled up in my eyes, and I felt like a heel. I felt like the ultimate jerk for saying no. Because I understand.


MTWaggin said...

Hunny, you are NOT a heel. You did right by your pups which is what you are supposed to do! Now stop beating yourself up - THAT'S AN ORDER! Go hug your puppies, be thrilled the ones that have new homes are in the places they are meant to be and pray those folks that were calling stop and think about the puppy they want and not just themselves. Be joyful, you are a RESPONSIBLE BREEDER!

Chelsi said...

*hats off* to you for being a responsible breeder! I'm serious... I am sure they were nice people with a good home for the right dog but you needed to make the right decision for your pups. Good for you.