Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm just laying here, minding my own business after a good game of tug.  

When she insists I sit up and look at her.  But I'm not allowed to come.  Just lie here.
Oh, man, what did I do to deserve this??
Mom, you still love me, right?  Because I'm awfully cute...  and I really, really love you...

Poor Reba is finally getting some hair back.  Her diet of fish dog food with a topping of Cod Liver Oil seems to be helping her out.  She's even put on some weight! 


The Canadian said...

Awwww! SHe is lucky to have you lookin' out for her!

MTWaggin said...

Awww don't you love that "pathetic face"?? My fave is the last one though, give me a cocked head and I'm in love!

Country Girl said...

I do love the pathetic face! I also love how she has a perpetual puzzled look due to the one floppy and one semi-perky ear.