Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Having just finished reading a post on the breeding horses I had a thought.  Am I being ethical and moral breeding Whiskey?  It's true the world is filled with unwanted horses.  But it's also true that (in my opinion) the vast majority of those horses come from uneducated breeders breeding unregistered horses.  Just take a look on Kijiji to see some of the most interesting breed combinations.  I have to ask:  what are those horses purpose in life?

Yes, a tremendous chunk of the reason I bred Whiskey is that she is no longer sound.  But you could also say that she (her genetics) are the last of a long, venerable breeding program from a historic ranch (she was purchased in the dispersal sale).  You could also look at her trainablility, personality and athleticism.  She is a stellar creature to be around.  And was a wickedly fun ride.  (I've NEVER had a horse pick up and do flying lead changes the way she can.)  Is she proven?  No.  But that's my fault and shouldn't reflect upon her ability.  

The stallion I'm breeding to is proven.  He's won money at reining events.  Plus, he has the added bonus of old genetics up close (he has King on his papers).  As well, he demonstrates an excellent disposition and high levels of athletic ability.  These are all qualities needed to make a performance horse.  

And this baby will be headed into the performance arena.  Preferably cutting, but if not suited to that world it will be trained in a discipline that suits it and be a constructive and contributing member of the horse world.  Responsible?  Or adding to horse overpopulation? 


Chelsi said...

JJ, Jumping Jack Whiz is an own son of Topsail Whiz out of a really good producing daughter ($300,000) of Hollywood Jac 86 (she was also an NRHA futurity champion). JJ is also an accomplished show horse.

Chelsi said...

To be totally frank I dont see the harm in someone producing a foal when they are fairly sure (while being realistic) that they will be using and keeping that foal themselves. If you want to breed a mare you love so that you can have that foal I am certainly not going to tell you shouldnt... especially considering that horses only produce one foal (we hope:) unlike dogs. If you were breeding her to sell her that foal I'd say no. I mean NO disrespect as I have nothing but respect for "old" lines that helped shape the horses I love today... BUT the horses of old would not be competitive in todays sport... the sport has evolved and the horses with it. Even Hollywood Dun It would not have won even local classes if he competed today (his winning run wouldnt have scored that high today) and his blood is being crossed on more modern horses so that his sons and daughters are still important but not as current.

Personally I get all excited when I see a horse that had Poco or King or any of those great old horses on their papers and I love old stock QH's that come from those great ranches.... but I wouldnt breed them if I didnt want the foal myself because I dont feel the market has a real place for them. Hope you dont mind me saying so:)

Chelsi said...

btw I wasnt refering to your dogs... I think you fall in to the responsible breeder category:)

Country Girl said...

Actually, my cutting trainer is pretty ruthless when it comes to breeding. He's big on big winnings. And only horses with big winnings get bred.

Interestingly enough, there are horses with this "old" breeding who are currently successful. I believe a lot in "quality" over trendy. There are many current (trendy) stallions whose get are not performing successfully (or are difficult to train) - so that needs to be a consideration as well.

My vet actually would have preferred if I bred TB or warmblood for a sport horse (jumper). She thinks that would be a wicked cross. lol

And - my dog litters are limited and go to approved working homes. lol

No offense taken. Diversity is interesting.

Country Girl said...

Oh - forgot..

Here's Jason's stallion's link:

That's what he considers breeding quality - and I agree in many ways. But I also know that pedigree does not always equal performance and ability.

The Canadian said...

Really, are we gonna make rules about who gets to do what with their animals??? I say if you can afford to care for your animals and you do so, then there shouldn't be rules! If I wanna breed a couple of unregistered horses because I love them and I want a baby, does that make me irresponsible? Seriously? Are you guys all saying, the only foals allowed on the planet should be registered, proven ones! That is UNFAIR!!!!

Country Girl said...

Jeanne, the only problem with that is soooo many of those horses are the first to go when there's drought or economic concerns. And too many of them end up at the packing plant. I still have vivid memories of the cattle liners hauling horses south to be killed. 100s of them went from the auction and it makes me feel sick inside.

Not all "unregistered" horses are bad - look at the jumping world - many of those horses have no papers BUT are bred for a purpose, and end up being used for that purpose.