Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Bucket List

Have you heard of The Bucket List?  The Bucket List is the list of things you should or want to do before you die.  Accomplishing some things on my list mean sacrificing others to achieve the goals.  How do you choose?  In no specific order here's the list to date.

  1. Travel to every continent in the world except Antarctica.  Specific countries or places on the list are: Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Amazon River, Northwest Territories (Canada), Alaska, a wildlife refuge in Africa.  Places I've already been: Europe, Cuba, Maui, many places in the USA and Canada.
  2. Win a major competition - be it with the horses or dogs.
  3. Get my Masters degree.
  4. Skydive
  5. Zip line over a rain forest.
  6. Climb a mountain with or without rock climbing.  
  7. Learn how to Salsa.
  8. Learn how to speak French fluently.
  9. Run a marathon.
  10. Travel across Canada - see every province.
  11. Go on a polar bear tour. 
  12. Write a book.
  13. Walk the Great Wall of China.
  14. Learn how to dive (even though I'm terrified of water).
  15. Breed a champion - be it horse or dog.
  16. Sit on a porch with the man I married and watch my grandchildren play. (Yes, I know a few variables outta my control here.)
  17. Volunteer in a third world or developing country.
  18. Ski in the Alps.
Some things I've already accomplished:
  1. Take Ballet.
  2. Fly in a helicopter.
  3. See the Redwood Forrest (California).
  4. Ride a scary roller coaster (okay, so it wasn't that scary for most people - but I don't like roller coasters so the fact that I was even on one was amazing.)
  5. Team Rope
  6. Make the perfect chocolate cake, cinnamon buns, chocolate chip cookie.
  7. Learn how to make pie, jam and can.

And that's all I've got off the top of my head.

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The Canadian said...

Wow! Good for you, writing that down and making it real! Maybe one day, I can join you on one of your bucket list adventures!! :)