Friday, August 20, 2010

Nose to the Grindstone

It is time to put the nose to the grindstone. It is time to rejoin the land of the living and start getting stuff done! It is time to hit the road. The trial road. I have decided to give myself a bit of a timeline in working with the dogs. And as added incentive I'll be entering some trials to fully motivate myself. Nothing like a little public humiliation to get one moving!

For Tessa, there is the FarmFair trial held at Northlands just before the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Really, other than needing a bit of a tune up - this is a reasonable and relatively easily achieved goal. After all, she's pretty handy in an arena.

For some added pressure, er, incentive, I've decided that Reba's first trial won't be next summer. Nope, it's going to be this November. In early (and I do mean early, as in the first week) November the fine folks at Lloydminister Agriculture and the Saskatchewan Stockdog Association host an arena trial. I (in my infinite wisdom) have decided that this will be Reba's first ever trial. Now all I have to do is teach her the commands for walk up, come bye, away to me, and there. Really, minor... Or not.

The nice thing about Lloyd is that it's a young dog friendly trial in that you can help your dog if needed. I figure I have two months. If I spend 10-20 minutes 5 days a week Reba should have enough buttons on her to go to town. It may not be pretty - but first trials rarely are. And it gets my rear end moving on finishing her. Her bonus is it gives her a nice mental break from the pups. See? There really is a method to my madness. Let's git'r done!

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