Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wild Child

The darling, quiet and well behaved Izzy has morphed into a wild child.  *Cue music here*  She has suddenly and out of the blue stopped letting me catch her.  In fact, it's a bit of a challenge to even touch her.  This behavior is so unusual that it's left me befuddled.  Why?  Why would her behavior change?  I can't quite figure out what is causing her to act this way - but I sure don't like it!

She raced around her dirt corral while I played the natural horsemanship game with her.  I had to laugh.  My DNA typed, well bred AQHA filly really reminds me of my old Arabian show horse.  See for yourself.  Could you guess the breed based on the photo?

She does have GREAT movement for a quarter horse.  Some days I think she'd be better suited to dressage instead of cutting.  Too bad she's going to mature out around the 14'3 hh mark.  She'd make a lovely three day event horse.

The look on her face says it all, "Catch me if you can!!!!!"

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The Canadian said...

Beautiful arab...uh, I mean Quarter Horse you got there!