Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sad State of Affairs

Tessa has been struggling with incontinence.  This means I have been struggling with incontinence.  I had purchased some doggy diapers in size large - according to the package that was the size for a Border Collie.  The vet had also prescribed a medication to help Tessa.  Unfortunately both the diapers and the meds weren't cutting the mustard. 

Sam (the vet) said that I would notice a difference after 5 days on the meds.  The evidence in the diapers showed they weren't making a big enough difference.  Which meant a phone call into the vet to get some new and stronger dope for the dog.  Lynsey (vet tech) had to call the dispensary to order the drugs as the clinic didn't have any in stock.  Because I didn't want to wait until after the weekend I drove into the city and picked up the drug from the pharmacy.

Tessa got her first dosage and another diaper last night.  Unfortunately the diapers which I've been trying to use just don't fit her particularly well.  Last night, after she had been out and diapered she came to the side of my bed where I was reading.  She wanted up for a cuddle.  So I hopped out, lifted her up, where she promptly snuggled into my side and lay down with her head in my lap.  When I was ready for bed, I put her back on the floor.  Only to freeze in dismay...  Can you predict what happened?

Tessa had leaked on my bed!!  Exhausted and emotional, I gave her some pets because she looked so distraught, changed my sheets and cried myself to sleep.  I was horrified and I hurt for her.  When she leaks it seems to upset or unsettle her.  It's as though she knows somethings wrong but can't seem to fix it.  (And I'm sure me being upset about it doesn't help!)  

Today, once more I drove into town and made the pet store loop looking for extra large dog diapers.  Tonight we'll try these ones out.  And wait for Monday to come and go when we should have a pretty good idea if the new drugs are working.  

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The Canadian said...

My heart is breaking for both of you!