Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reba's Rags

Reba is now the proud new owner of a jacket.  Today when I returned home from the vet with Tessa (splint change) I noticed she was shivering.  Quite badly.  All the dogs had been loose since morning.  I thought they'd be better off if they could run around and play or choose to go into their houses rather than be stuck in their dog runs.  Because it was only 2pm and sunny - so considerably warmer than what it will be tonight I was a wee bit concerned.  (Temperature with wind chill was about -40C.)  

While the vet was changing Tessa's bandage I had been telling her about Reba.  She said some dogs just don't "winter coat" up.  I'm thinking Reba may be one of them.  Last year I had blamed it on the fact that she was a puppy.  This year she should have a thick luxurious winter coat.  But she doesn't.  

So I delivered Tessa into the house, got back into my car, turned around and drove back into town.  Going to the local pet/livestock/feed/pharmacy superstore I went digging through the doggy blanket (pardon me "jacket") bins.  Reba was 26" around her belly and 23" from her shoulder to bum, so the lady told me to go up a size and get a 24" jacket.  Let me tell you there was quite a variety of jackets to see.  I ended up with one that had a nylon outer and fleece liner.  It wasn't as heavy as some of them but they were all cotton.  What I wanted was a Cordura similar to a horse blanket.  I know they make them but they were all sold out.  

You know, I would have thought Reba would have a bit of a freak out when I put it on her but she didn't bat an eyelash.  She hasn't been bothering it and seems quite happy to be wearing it.  Unfortunately she's still shivering, although not as bad.  It seems I'll need to do some problem solving.

I might hang a space heater in the chicken coop and move the dogs into there, but I'm always scared of fire.  The other option is Reba move into the house which is a bit of a problem because Reba and Tessa have a love hate relationship - they love to hate each other!  And Reba's not housebroke.  

I don't have any magic answers but I do know something will have to be done.

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