Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Ventures

For the past year or so, I've been planning something of a new (or old) venture.  I would like to create a website for myself based on the stock dogs and the horses.  My friend Dee, who has taken graphics at school has provided me with some advice.  She'll create business cards for me, and has provided some input into building a website.  

The key stopping point for me at this point is a name.  I need a name.  I would have loved to use my heritage to create the name - but my grandfather's brand really does not lend itself to a snappy name.  We've never had a "farm" name so that's out.  I don't want to name it after where I live because I may not always live in this area.  Dee wants to see me name it specifically to stock dogs but I'd like a name that works as a farm, because for me, the horses are part of this.  She likes the name "Clean Run Stock Dogs" I kinda like the name "Clean Run Farm".  My other friend Jeanne had thought of some cute "fun" type names but Dee vetoed them because, well, they were too cutesy.  
All of this naming stuff is giving me fatigue - but I need to start making some choices.  Sigh!

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