Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The last two days I've been home wickedly sick.  Tuesday morning after spending a miserable night running the highest fever I've ever felt (I had considered shoving my head in a snow bank at one point), I rolled out of bed to go feed my crew.  In fact, I didn't even bother getting dressed, instead pulling my Carharts over my PJs.  As I stumbled through the snow drifts dropping piles of strategically placed hay I realized Roxy was being abnormally docile.  This filly is not social and is usually a bugger to catch but let me walk up to her and pet her, without walking away.  

Thinking it weird I was too tired to worry about it and continued about my not so merry way.  Making my final hay drop trip (when it's this cold they get a lot of hay) I caught Roxy laying down in a snow bank.  Freezing, I stopped and watched, at which point I realized she wasn't eating, was biting her flank and pawing the ground.  This could only mean one thing - colic!

Cursing under my breath, visions of my bed going up in smoke, I went into the house to call the vet.  They wanted her hauled in ASAP.  With no vehicles plugged in this was going to be a challenge.  She would need to be walked and kept on her feet until Sam was finished surgery or the truck started - which ever came first.  I'm not sure who was staggering more, me or the horse.  When she'd start to go down I'd wrap the lead around my waist and let my body fall into it, to force her head around and up.  

Eventually, my mother came out and sent me into the house.  She was concerned I was going to get frost bite.  I looked at her baffled, because I wasn't cold.  In fact, my toque, and hair was covered in a frosty condensation.  My fever was so high that I didn't feel the -27C temperature (around -20F).  My pajamas by this time were soggy with fever sweat.  

Sam arrived and gave Roxy some drugs to make her more comfortable, with the instruction that as soon as the truck started to make our way to the clinic.  By early afternoon, Roxy made her way to the clinic via my father where she was tubed and spent the night.  It was with relief to see her perk up, and happiness to have her return home today (once again via dad) and be her normal spunky self.

She'll be getting a warm bran mash for the next few days to make sure she stays happy and healthy.  And I am also feeling much more spunky after a lot of much needed sleep and some powerful prescription drugs.  (Dr. was worried about pneumonia.)


Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Awe! I am sorry to hear you are so sick! Glad there was someone around to help you out... I feel so bad for you. Glad to hear your pony will be okay. Be sure to get yourself better now too!

The Canadian said...

...and Andrea's Animal Adventures continue!