Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Border Collie For Sale

It is with some trepidation that I've officially listed Joe for sale.  I really want him to find his forever home but I know that may be a long slow process.  I've priced him extremely low for a working dog with the philosophy that finding him a home that's right for him being more important than money.  That being said he's not free because I want his new home to have some investment in him.  Plus it helps weed out people.  

Joey has trust issues due to the abuse he received, however once he bonds with you he is a devoted dog who shadows your every move.  He has some basic commands and has learned to respond to your body pressure when on stock.  He'll work both sheep and cattle, has a looser eye, lots of power, and is not afraid to bite.  He's an honest dog on stock.  He's also very well bred and comes with his CBCA papers.  Starting this weekend I'll be putting more daily time into his training working on rate, come bye and away to me.  

He travels well, actually perhaps too well, as if your door is open he'll be riding shotgun before you can get in!  Loves to help with chores and go for runs and plays tirelessly with other dogs.  He's a very sweet and lovable dog who I adore.  But I never intended to be his forever home, I just wanted to keep him from being shot.  And it's time for him to move forward to the next stage in his life.  

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The Canadian said...

wow, that's a tough choice! I wish Joey good luck with his new's hoping he finds one!