Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Running in Town

I accept that some people may think I'm crazy but a few weeks ago I had decided to begin training for a half marathon.  A half marathon is 21 km long or about 13 miles.  To help me reach my goals I decided to register in a clinic run out of the local Running Room store.  As part of the clinic we meet on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday of each week to run or learn about running.  Tonight was "speed work" and because I hate running without my dogs I brought Reba into town with me.

Poor Reba has been somewhat neglected in her exposure to different situations so this was a bit of a rude awakening for her.  First I unload her in a busy parking lot.  Next I take her into a very busy recreation facility.  And then I run with her in town.  All of these are new situations for her.  

I was soooooo proud of my dog!!  She was awesome!  You could tell she was scared while we waited in the recreation facility.  After all it was noisy and filled with people going to different areas.  (This facility has swimming pools, skating rinks, indoor soccer fields and a gym/fitness area, in addition to offices - so it's large.)  She was very happy to leave the building and run outside.  

She handled the city noise and hustle wonderfully, watching me and attending to what I was doing.  The only "scary" things were the little marker flag on a wire stick that she didn't notice until she ran over it - I had to giggle because she tucked her bum and scooted like something was chasing her.  And the other "scary" bit was the fire hydrant - and really can you blame her?  It's not like those are normal things in the country.

When we worked on the drills portion of our run in a nearby parking lot I actually dropped the leash only to have her go to my jacket and lay down on it.  She paid very close attention to where I was.  When we finished and I began my stretches she laid down by my feet and waited patiently.

For my little country mouse's first trip to the big city she was a superstar!  I can't wait to see how this dog continues to develop!

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The Canadian said...

Don't ya love 4 legged running partners, the kind that run WITH you?! :)