Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Stinks!!

Many parents with young toddlers "child proof" their houses.  I Tessa proof mine.  Tessa has a deep and long lasting fear of baby gates, so of course I use them strategically to block off spaces I don't wish her to enter into.  Right now this means she cannot access the stairs (dog + splint + stairs = potential catastrophe).  The furniture is all blocked off so she can't jump onto any chairs or couches.  Instead she has three dog beds located in various parts of the house and water on both floors.  

Last night I went to bed with her snoring on her bed beside mine.  This morning I woke up to notice she didn't seem her perky happy self.  As she hopped in front of me on the way to the door I realized she was packing her broken leg - something she doesn't do much of now that it's in a splint.  Bending down to put the IV bag on the bottom of her splint (keeps it dry and clean when she's outside doing her "business"), I noticed her leg seemed to be bent more than normal.  Feeling her leg I could feel the jagged edge of the hard plastic splint.  She broke her bloody splint!

How she did this I'm not entirely sure.  And off, once more to the vet we go.  (Oh yes, my vet is out of the country and the other vet at the clinic normally is not in today.  He's coming in just to fix my dog's leg, after all his other calls.)

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The Canadian said...

Wow, how does Tessa always manage to do this to herself???