Monday, November 23, 2009

Foundation Bred AQHA Colts For Sale

First off, sorry about the poor pictures.  You see, in July when I took these I had no idea I'd use them in the future as advertising.  

The breeder I purchased Izzy from has two colts (half brothers to her) for sale.  The reason the two colts are for sale is the breeder has had to purchase hay this year due to extreme drought conditions.  This is a first for them.  Normally, I wouldn't be inclined to sell them but two things have occurred: 1) Izzy has a stellar personality and has handled all the strange new things with style and class and nary a tantrum in sight, and 2) Brad has said he can't feed them which means they sell, even if it means they end up at the canners.  

Both colts are more conformationaly correct than Izzy, they're shorter in the back etc.  Both colts are taller  and should mature out in the 15 hh range.  For those of you who follow bloodlines here's what you can expect.  The following names ON the papers: Hollywood Jac 86, Easter Gentleman, Lads 50.  Fourth generation you'll also find Topsail Cody, and fifth generation Cutter Bill, with many foundation names up close.  The added bonus is their colors - you have funky palomino and grey - both of which likely carry dilute genes.  If Izzy is any indication they'll be athletic with sweet personalities.  These colts should work as cutting, working cow or reining horses.  And all he wants is $500 CND for each.  What a steal of a deal for a performance prospect!  If you want more info fire me off an email (on profile page) and I'll forward the phone number.  They are located near Coronation, Alberta. (East Central)

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The Canadian said...

If only I had an acreage of my own! I need a project!!!!!!!! Ooo, does that mean you are tempted to get another one???