Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Love Letter

Last night my doctor put me on notice.  Get my stress under control now!  He gave me some strategies I could do without using drugs - because he knows I'm pretty much anti-drug unless absolute necessary.  And I concede - perhaps I may have too much on my plate.  One of the strategies was to increase the time you spend doing the things you enjoy.  And today I have been successful for the most part.  You see, today, I have not read a text book, I have not marked a paper, and I have not paid a bill.  I didn't even go grocery shopping!

It appears I had forgotten about my little furry lovelies and was spending too much time doing things I don't love so much, as well as focussing on the negatives of having said furry lovelies (expense).  

Horses, What I Love About You:
  • I love how Izzy follows me around.
  • I love how after 8 weeks of no handling I can put on a halter, and the farrier can completing trim all four feet with no issues with a horse who had been running free 3 months ago.
  • I love how Izzy's color changes with the seasons.
  • I love the horsey smell as Whiskey puts her nose up to my face.
  • I love how I can walk away and return to have my farrier trimming Whiskey's feet with no one holding the rope.
  • I love how agile Roxy is, even in pastern deep mud!
  • I love the plush softness of the horse's coats under their manes.
  • I love watching the two yearlings grow.
  • I love pulling up to the house after work and have the horses and sheep run into the corral to greet me.
  • I love how the horses go to their own buckets for their grain.
  • I love how the sheep walk under Whiskey and she just stands there.
  • I love the feel of a good ride.
  • I love the wind in my hair when galloping through the field.

Dogs, What I Love About You:
  • I love Reba's bright eyes and lop-sided ears.
  • I love Joe's toothy (well, kinda toothy) smile as he looks up at me when I pet him.
  • I love Tessa's howl of joy when I come home.
  • I love how Bella leans up against my legs, then flops at my feet.
  • I love how smart they are.
  • I love Bella's silky softness when I pet her.
  • I love how Joe's hair crimps in the hair - kinda reminds me of how you used to see girls crimp their hair in the eighties.
  • I love Reba's squeaks of happiness when I come home.
  • I love how Bella, giant sized dog, can run in such little circles while doing her mad racing patterns.
  • I love Reba's red mud flaps (hairs along hind legs).
  • I love how Tessa is always up for a game.
  • I love how Tessa groans her pleasure when chewing a toy.
  • I love how Bella tries to play tug but never quite gets the game.
  • I love how Reba, Bella and Joe play with such abandon.
  • I love how they make me laugh.
But most of all....
I love how they love me.