Sunday, November 8, 2009

Puppies on My Mind

The last few months I've had puppies on my mind.  I keep telling my self, "No, no, no!" but I just can't let go of the idea.  There are a number of well bred border collie puppies around right now.  Here's the rationale:  Reba is turning two this February.  If I got a puppy now then it would be ready to start when she was three.  By the time it would be trained Reba would be four or five and Tessa would be geriatric.  

The other thing I've been contemplating is breeding Reba during her next cycle.  This would get her first litter of pups out of the way and wouldn't interfere with her competing and working.  But if I were to breed Reba I'd want to breed her to something with good lines and proven working ability.  I'd like something a little uncommon pedigree wise.  Reba herself is extremely well bred and she has the talent to work so I'm not worried about her.  All she needs right now is time and work.

Reba is by Corey Perry's Ben who has won many prestigious arena trials including the Northlands Farmfair trial.  Ben goes back to Norm Close's Joe and is out of Abe Marshall's Mist.  Her mom is a working ranch dog who works cattle easily in addition to trials sheep.  Her mom is Keith Mulligan's Clair.  Clair is by Ron Gale's Whip and is out of Jack Knox's Keli.  Keli goes back to Gonnet's Moss.

All of Reba's "star" breeding is up close.  The question at hand is what lines would cross well with hers?  I'll be doing some research and will keep you posted as I come to a decision or decide to wait.

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