Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This weekend, a friend of mine got on a plane and flew around the world.  He flew to a place called Afghanistan.  While I don't care much for politics, I do care for my fellow man, and this man has a job that does make a difference.  You see, he's in the army and will put himself at risk to try and make this far, far away country a safer and better place for all people to live.

As a teacher I have a firm belief that education is necessary for people and cultures to improve their quality of life.  Part of this man's job will be to train the members of the Afghan army so they can keep their country safe (allowing education to occur) and my fellow countrymen (and women) can come home.  I also have a firm belief in supporting the members of the armed forces who are doing a job most of us are not willing to do.  Politics has no place in this for me.  Whether you feel it's right or wrong - it is what it is.  

And for me this issue strikes close to home.  So for Jay - God speed, do what you've been trained to do, (I know you'll do it well), and don't forget to see the simple pleasures of life.  Thank you.  We here in Canada are so lucky to live the lives we lead...

For those of you safe at home - what are you thankful for?

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