Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dog Days

As the weather has turned less than friendly the dogs are getting a significant reduction in attention.  In part because I haven't had the time to work them, and in part because I am not motivated to sit in my lawn chair and watch them play.  They have figured out how to apply sad eyes and thus creating feelings of guilt in their human.

Both the outside collies Joe and Reba live in dog runs, however they get a fair amount of "free time" in the yard.  This is their time to run about and play as they wish.  During the summer I sit in my lawn chair and watch them while they play.  Now that fall is turning nasty (as in snow and rain) I've taken to kicking them out and returning to the house.  

Reba goes to the door and jumps up on the handle until she shoves the door open.  Pleased with herself, she lets herself in the house for some human companionship.  Of course, this puts Tessa in a major snit as she is the only dog allowed in the house.  And to prevent a world war, outside Reba once more goes.  

Joe has a different tactic.  He goes up on the deck and looks in the deck door, wildly wagging his tail with a hopeful look on his face.  As the wind blusters and blows he remains there watching you.  Can you feel the screws turning in my heart?  There are times when both Reba and Joe sit wagging at the window watching you inside all nice and cozy.  The worst is when you look out the kitchen window to check on them and Joe sees you and comes running up to the door.

Tonight the guilt got to me.  I just couldn't bear it anymore.  Bundled up I went out and played with my dogs.  They were just like children.  "Hey, watch this!  Watch me toss my toy and pounce on it!  Are you watching?"  "Look, look!  I'm chasing Bella!"  Their shenanigans were interspersed with leans up against my legs for some quality pets.  Joe seems to be the neediest.  He really wants to be with you.  

It breaks my heart to know that I'll have to give Joe up but I know there is another home out there somewhere better suited to him than mine.  I can see him as a truck dog.  You know, the dog that travels with it's human everywhere, or running along side the horse helping move huge herds of cattle.  He is the dog that wants a human to love and work for, everyday spending time with them.  But for now he's mine to love and I'm his to shower his affection on.  Even if it makes me feel guilty!


The Canadian said...

Wish I knew someone who could help you love Joe....I know you will find a happy home for him!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

What is the deal with Joe? I'm lookin' for a dog!! lol :)

Actually I've been e-mailing a few breeders about pups this week but also have my eye out for an adult dog. It is so nerve wracking getting a pup because you just dont know what you are going to get...I really want a dog that I can take out without having to be on guard (that it will be over aggresive) but also one that will be protective when duty calls (stranger that makes me nervous or someone at the door I dont say is "ok".) Hawky jumps in the pizza guys truck and thinks everyone is just a potential ball thrower:) I had a rescue that had serious man fear issues, healed fractures to his ribs (kicked) and major quirks but I swear that dog thought I walked on water and would have killed or died for me. There is something about a dog like that (with a bad history) that apprecaites love on a different level than a dog like Hawky (who thinks that the worst day of his life is getting his shots)...

But then with rescue dogs it is also really hard to know what you are getting (if you can trust them around kids or in a stressful situation)...not knowing quirks or hidden dangers.

One day I decide I have to have a pup and raise it myself because Hawky is practically human and such a perfect dog...but then the next day I remember my Cisco and I cant deny that he was just as nice of a dog, quirks and all.

Country Girl said...

Joey has a super sweet personality. He does have trust issues especially around men. He's a registered Border Collie, 5 years old, neutered and UTD on shots/worming. His story - he was beaten on stock by an alcoholic. It's taken him 6 months to settle in here. He's very affectionate with me, plays well with other dogs, shows no food aggression, has a strong stock drive, lot's of energy, he's even started to bark when people come in the yard when he's out - not super consistent with this so I don't know how much 'guard" he'll have. Loves to go for car/truck rides. He's an honest dog - meaning he won't try to cheat you or pout if he doesn't get his way.

I don't have the time to train 3 dogs - that's a key reason why he needs a new home. But he's so sweet. When I got him it was to see if I could turn him around. Amazing what food, time and love can do!

Country Girl said...

Oh - the man who sells me the dog runs has a 8 month old male Australian Shepard cross (looks like Catahoula cross) that his daughter had to give away because he was chasing cattle. Don't know much about him - but he was so keen to play he was dropping rocks at my feet when I was there. This do is a give away dog.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Oh man! Why cant I live closer! Sounds like lovely dogs. I love the look of Catahoula's, they are so strong and wild looking. The guarding personality is really important to what I am looking for but it is such a delicate balance to look for in temperament. I might have a lead on a pup here out of a half brother to Hawky! It is a big maybe but we'll see!