Sunday, October 11, 2009

Touch Choices

My animals are running me ragged.  I just don't have the time to put into each animal the way I feel I should.  After some serious thought the decision has been made that somethings got to go.  I have three horses and three working dogs, in addition I have a full time job that runs me about 60 hours a week and a university course that takes up about 10 hours a week.  Quite frankly, I don't have time for the animals I have.
Of the animals I have both Tessa (dog) and Whiskey (horse) are permanent residents.  Reba (dog) is my up and coming prospect (if I ever get the time into her) and I really don't want to part with her, even though she'd be easy to sell.  The two yearlings are a tougher choice.  Izzy has a stellar personality and is so willing to try things for you.  Roxy has outstanding conformation, is ridiculously athletic and agile.

Joe, my rescue dog from this spring has made wonderful progress.  He's sane in the yard and no longer crazed on the stock.  The only big concern with him is his trust issues.  He adores me, however he is not keen about 99% of the rest of the human population.  I can see this being sales issue, however he is the stock dog I've slated to sell.  It'll have to be the right fit for him to be successful.  

Of the horses, Roxy is the one who's personality I like the least.  There's nothing wrong with it or her.  I just don't think she's a great fit for me and for this reason she's the one I'll put up for sale.  In January she'll still head to Jason Hanson's to begin cutting training and I'll have him look at finding her a new home.  

My biggest problem is I like my animals.  And I can see the potential performance successes with them all.  However, I also know if they are going to be successful them need the time and energy put into them.  For this, I'm stretched too thin.  

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